Spring Fling Contest 2021

Entering writing contests is always exciting! It helps to hone the craft of writing but it also provides you with encouraging and uplifting support from the kidlit community! Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal’s “Spring Fling Contest” is a wonderful opportunity to win incredible prizes from generous donors but also allows us to give those encouraging word of praise to each other as well! πŸ™‚

The Gif that inspired my story and the entry are below! Enjoy!

Juni’s Special Snowlike Wishes
WC 150

Juni peeked out the bedroom window each morning to see if it arrived. Today was no different!  Trees forgot to show their leaves, still dressed in gowns of white. No Robins were tut-tutting.  Juni was beginning to think those white snowlike wisps would never arrive.  She needed them to hurry.  Time was running short.  Mommy was finding it harder to move about and needed more naptime than Juni.  She was desperately waiting for a sound, a bud and that magical flower to appear.

One morning Juni began her day as usual, searching for signs. She caught a glimpse of buds on the tree, delightful chattering filled the air, and as she tiptoed outside, she found it… wish time!Β  Fingers trembling, Juni gently plucked the β€œwishes” and blew! The downy seed heads of dandelions fluttered through the air amazing as snowflakes themselves!

Juni whispered, β€œMay I please have a baby brother?”

22 thoughts on “Spring Fling Contest 2021

  1. So cute! I was thinking Mom might be sick, so I was relieved to hear she was not! And I hope Juni got her baby brother. ❀

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